"Just be patient."

If you want something to come (quite, or semi-badly), a lot of the time it seems like the less it actually wants to do that for you. But when you don't have it, the best thing is to wait until the right moment, while moving forward to help yourself on the sidelines in the process. Wanting something too hard will always make it look like you've never got enough of it, your attitude really does need to keep its cool.

On the other hand, something I've indulged in, or heard more about was with something you really, really, really want to work for. I've been hearing successful people telling their stories, and how they have gone through something really big - like 'rock bottom', which pushed them up really far. Maybe because I'm optimistic, but I haven't felt a rock bottom feeling, yet I'm trying to move forward just as hard. Still, it's better if I've set myself up for the future (or for failure) if I ever get to that stage. If.

If something happened, would you change. Or even, would you be the one asking yourself: If I did this, would things be better?
- teriyakkii_1203

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