"Take some time off too."

You'll want to keep things in balance, can't have one thing without knowing about and experiencing the other. No death, no life, etc. etc! If thing's are too stressing or hard, it'll have an impact on your mind, and same way if life were too easy... completing things without really trying would give the idea that many other things are that way... until you face something you weren't prepared for. Again, when you realise the mistake, fix it before you waste your time by doing the same mistake.

I'm writing this quite early :) I have to be at a party soon ! It's taking some time off the things we believe are more important. Making more of that time also comes from being more productive, we all can do it. But success (in many aspects, not just money) only goes to those who dedicate their time, that's been proved over and over again for years, it's definitely something that was proved to work!
- teriyakkii_1203

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