"Some things turn out for the best."

I didn't write my blogpost yesterday...? Ah, probably because I needed to sleep earlier, because yesterday I woke at 3:30am ish to get work done. Well, from my experiences, spending two to three hours in the morning is more preferable than the same amount of time at night. This is because you don't have much on your mind, being a new day, so the productivity increases - you get more done!

Of course, the two to three hours were accidental. I wake up just before 6:00am to lie down until 7:00am, when I get up. This is a natural process for me, I don't need an alarm to tell me when to wake or get up - it just happens. Anyway, especially when I go on camps, where we have to wake at 5:00am, I have learnt to simply mentally tell myself when to wake in the morning, as long as there's a sense of punctuality/duty to do so. And turns out the alarm isn't needed, for I once used it just in case I didn't wake myself in time (a bad idea because I share a room with my sister). Instead, I woke up 15 minutes before the alarm set off, so I didn't have to wake anyone. So, I told myself two days ago to give myself an extra 30 minutes, thinking I'd get things done. But when I discovered my waking woke me up 2-3 hours earlier, I kind of went with it. Turns out that was the time I needed to do the rest of the things! So thanks me :)

When things 'feel' right or wrong, you're probably right.
- teriyakkii_1203

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