"A little bit of friendly stress is healthy."

It's like friendly competition. There's a slight pressure on you to push yourself forward at the time. Especially for people who are and like to be quite productive (ie: start things early), like me, we can sometimes get a bit laid back and end up taking that well-deserved break for a little too long. As long as we realise what we need to do, we'll put it in mind and get to it. Sometimes, it might be slightly later than we wanted, yet we can still be fine. With some friendly pressure put on you, you will have the almost right amount of stress to increase your productivity, while not freaking out too much and not doing any work at all.

That's the situation I'm in. Of course, take care of yourself, it's quite too late for me, but I intend to wake much earlier than usual to complete a few of the things... Just remember, it'll all be right in the end, as long as you believe it will be!
- teriyakkii_1203

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