"Don't only regret the past, learn from it." - Unknown

Making mistakes aren't the problem, it's about not repeating them - that's the part where you learn and apply it into your life. Life is all about taking action, otherwise, it's like waiting for the food to come to you by sitting outside the supermarket. Doing things is what defines who you are, those things specifically... I'd like to do things, to make others and I happy :)

"Absence is to love as wind is to fire; it extinguishes the small but enkindles the great." - Comte de Bussy-Rabutin

That second quote isn't relative to my day entirely, but I came across it looking at the internet. I thought it had a nice metaphoric side... It has a nice flow, and is definitely worthy as a powerful quote about love.

Love myself, love yourself (BTS~)
- teriyakkii_1203

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