"When you really become present in a situation, it feels not too bad."

It's paying attention to whatever you're focusing on, only, twice as much. It makes you feel very 'in the moment' (I've heard/told myself that too many times), that helps with a strong presence... something like that.

It's like the (sorry here's another) Assassination Classroom quote:

"Those who can't do what they have to when the time comes for action will find their presence fading in our classroom. An assassin who neglects to sharpen his blade is no assassin at all. He's just a boastful brat swinging around a rusty sword." - Koro Sensei

So powerful! And, this is not a quote to put down and only put down. As 'Koro Sensei' said, he said it to push him down because he knows he will get up again (referring to Karma Akabane). Nothing is as cool as a whole bunch of morals in a cartoon/anime :)) of course, everything else is just as cool.
- teriyakkii_1203

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