"He's been gifted so much talent. But one so talented often lacks experience. There's the danger of training him up without knowing real competition, just so he can keep on winning without ever really trying. If great talent knows the frustration of defeat early on, it can become even greater." - Koro Sensei, Assassination Classroom

Probably equally the best anime ever!! I did before, but I realise just how many morals they put into this!! It's awesome!! I completely recommend it, and I completely agree with this quote. There's so many others, but this one caught my attention the most.

You can learn so much from everything, it all comes down to how you come about it when you're learning about it - are you going to take it and apply it, or leave it? But of course, there's so many ways to deal with it when it gets there, however doing what's best for one (and hopefully others) is one thing that matters.

If you have the time, use it!
- teriyakkii_1203

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