"I'm hyped !! Be hyped." - Me

Well, I finished packing quite quickly today. And after researching how to pack lightly, I told my sister: "Rule number one of packing is to have a small bag, so you're not tempted of packing too much."

The feeling of anticipation ~ even if I did pack one the second last day (I usually do anyway, but other people packed days ago because of their excitement), I'm enjoying packing for what it is. I feel that excitement for tomorrow :)))) It's like the same as the beginning of high school - butterflies in my stomach. Although, I feel it almost at the beginning of every year ^^ I simply like it!

Be hyped, gotta sleep since I'm waking up really early. Not sure when the next post will come out, but in the end, there's going to be one for each day.
- teriyakkii_1203

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