You're never too old. Then again, you're never ever younger, either.

The first part makes you happy to start, at any age you are. However the second part of the thing above really should make a mental nudge happen in you. I came up with this after my mom showed me this 91 year-old gymnast - wow!

And wow I'm writing this at 11:59am. I'm early! I'm currently about to finish this Imagemaking course... just give me half a half hour ^^ The assignment (this is the last one btw) needs us to make a 'complex narrative' out of images, however I've used some typography to help the message. Here's the front and back covers, there's some pages in the middle, but I'd like to improve before I show more :)):

I'll look to the blogging thing next, the online course though currently is my first step.
- teriyakkii_1203

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