"There is no greater burden than a great potential unrealised"

My dad suggested I add on the 'unrealised' and ooh, that works just as well. 

Okay-- It's been 20 minutes since that last paragraph. I ended up editing social medias. I was only pasting this blog's link on more websites... Just adjusting this and that, which I only do once in a while. Seems like Facebook has a box to explain so many aspects of your life, like job, school, professions, favourite quotes, relationship status, more than one link, family relations... Low chance that I'm going to end up filling it all in at this stage... ^^; My intro I added was:

"I live, you live. Simple. How we do it is complicated. Simple. Explaining is complicated."

However, those word counts can be a burden, it would've been:

"I live, you live. Simple, How we do it is complicated. Simple. Coming up with this was easy, but explaining this in detail is complicated. Don't worry, life comes with both."

The last sentence was an add-on I wanted to put down. Anyway it flowed out -w- inspiration is one of those powerful things that others can give you apart from love :))

How we live is complicated, because... the explanation is simple so I won't tell. If I do it'll be complicated. Don't worry, life comes with opposites, you need to accept and embrace that, there's something you actually cannot change. If there's anything you'd like to change, it's what you're going to look at. Just continue going!
- teriyakkii_1203

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