"Every now and then I feel that my existence is justified!" - Snoopy

It's just a hunch, a strong one. It's like belief, like faith however not as strong, but it feels so different if you're not a regular feeler of it. It feels a little opener, fresher, for me anyway.

I did a little more of my Gothic story, I think it would be around the word limit, although the storyline can be really long. Maybe if I end up liking it after I finish I can post the huge amount of text here, or someplace else - maybe Wattpad!

For this semester of school, I chose graphic design as my elective, apart from PE and Band which I already have. It's so far pretty good! Like most of the other elective classes, it's a double-up-year one. Although there's a small number of my year compared to the other, it seems like it's going to be a good semester! We all have divided ourselves - we sit in the corner of computers, ahaha... But anyway we're learning how to use Adobe Illustrator which will be really helpful!

"Love it." said me when I got a bolt of existence refreshness, or something like that. It came out of nowhere...
- teriyakkii_1203

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