Work hard, enjoy hard.

I think that was how I'd word it. Do things 'hard', squeeze the lemon, embrace it all~~ Or whatever you usually do to make yourself live in a moment.

I think I've said it before on here, but it was something about 'there are so many ways to live a day, but the only wrong way is to believe that there is a right way to live a day'. There is never a right way to live your day, probably one of the best thing to do is to set goals and achieve them in the day, that way you know you're moving forward.

Try all the spices of life, and consider that other quote that I wrote down yesterday (or was it the day before...??), the one said by Steve Jobs :)
- teriyakkii_1203

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  1. Ah yes the last post, that one :) It really pushes your mind, but in such a spirit that is really encouraging!!


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