"Once I said "It's cold" a lot, so I wrote it down."

... "but it's not Winter right now, so I can't say anything.". I was deciding the saying, ahaha ^^.

Productivity really goes up with you put your mind to it -- I think I said something about this yesterday but I continued doing education and schoolwork stuffs today, so it came to my mind. About how I finished 800 words or something around there in 1 hour - 1 and a half hours. When I say it, it doesn't seem like many words, maybe because I'm not writing long reports that are due the next day, but it definitely proves your potential -only because I put my mind to it... Also because it was a rationale.

It's the middle of Autumn, and the temperature is dropping more and more! Winter's going to be interesting..

I need to be productive !! Not school-wise only of course, it's not a huge priority of course, not that the fundamentals aren't in important of course, I need to improve myself in many ways possible. I like it :)) As it gets colder, the weather gets drier, so drink lots of water :I
- teriyakkii_1203

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