"Organising things make things not seem to bad."

I gave myself more assignments and work by enrolling in the online course, that wasn't bad. I just got a presentation to do for English due in two weeks - two minutes... that's going to be really broad.

I'll be getting two major assignments next week, too! At first it's overload, but for a while now, I've gotten my brain to almost automatically tell myself, in an orderly manner, what I have to do (something like: English, course, (to be) science and History...) - then, it doesn't seem so bad. It saves stress, which wasn't meant to occur so often, which it does nowadays, and ruin people's health. If there was any stress waay back, it would have been short and easily gotten rid of, because many people then knew it was an unnecessary obstacle to pass.

Please take care of your health, for everybody :))
- teriyakkii_1203

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