"If you have a desirable craving, act on it to achieve it. If you're going to leave luck to lead the way, the desire is not something worth dreaming about, and so it's not a desire."

That's when a bright idea hits your head. The book that I read part of, and should proooobably read more of (Think and Grow Rich) kind of is what I mean by that - desire and faith coming together to get a common goal is a huge thing...

Of course, the feeling behind someone thinking about a certain subject after reading a book on it and someone who hasn't is completely different. Books are a huge source of knowledge and wisdom and should definitely be read if you want to know a certain topic.

Speaking about knowledge and wisdom... in my mind: "Just to clarify, knowledge and wisdom are different things. Knowledge... is information, a lesson, a thought or data - something that can either potentially be added to your mind or something that already is. Wisdom... is what you do with it. Such as... ooh I searched up some quotes (just type in "wise man stupid man" into a search engine):

"A wise man can learn more from a foolish question than a fool can learn from a wise answer" - Bruce Lee

"A wise man writes down what he thinks, a stupid man forgets what he thinks, and a complete idiot punishes himself for what he thinks." - Jason Zebehazy

And, two people can be wise, in their own ways(!), for example.. two muffin bakers make a mistake on a muffin batch - one person might change the method, and the other might change ingredients, their choice.

Make sure to apply knowledge to your mind everyday!!
- teriyakkii_1203

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