"___, may as well do ____ too."

It's cold.. it was really hot yesterday... that's Australia.

So, 'may as well' had come up in my head from time to time, and I believe I've written it down in my journal.... diary... jiary. I suppose when it pops in my head, I'm telling myself to do something while I'm at it. Such as picking something up on the floor while walking past something when you're walking somewhere else.. or doing that extra bit of work on an essay if you have the time.

That makes me think about doing things if the situation allows it, like don't add extra work if it's due really soon and you have other things to do. Then again it's everyone's decisions for themselves :))

Well then, enjoy the holidays if you're in Australia, and don't anticipate or think about it ending, or you might believe you're wasting time. Maybe it's not Autumn break for you, then just do what you need to do :) have a good day!
- teriyakkii_1203

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