"You don't continue to be the same, that's change."

There is no 'going back to where I was, because that was better', because even if you get to a better place, you're a different person from before - you've learned and experienced newer things. I believe experiences make someone who they are, so they change a person - all those memories, without one, you wouldn't have the knowledge or personality exactly as you now have. It's the little things.

Of course, while this might be an intricate styling and pathing life has for us, we don't have to worry over everything, We already know worrying usually doesn't help a situation because it's distracting from our present goal(s). So, forward towards the goal, generally. Take a step back. By 'step back' I mean calm down and reassess, reflect.

Onwards, forwards, upwards...! You don't continue to be the same, that's change.
- Teri

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