"We're on a constant expedition, search and investigation."

There will always be questions, especially unanswered and unanswerable questions. Though, with the questions we can answer, even if they take a considerable amount of effort, we keep strolling through life, whether to look for answers or come across them.

The point here isn't whether we should look for answers or wait for them (decide that for yourself; it's not the point of this post), rather the whole idea that we cannot be truly 'found' people. We in ourselves have so much we can learn, and the only way we know how is to keep experiencing life.

And it's not only answers that are answered and sometimes even changed throughout time, it is also questions. For example, 'what is my life purpose?' might become 'how do I achieve it?'.

And this all happens at our own timelines - no one person has the same timeline as another, so we should make do (and go above and beyond) with the situation we were given to achieve our purposes.

We're on a constant expedition, search and investigation. What's next?
- Teri

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