"Look out for your social facade!"

In terms of perception and society, we have two types: our outer facade and our inner, private identity. This post is meant to simply address them and how we should only keep and reveal certain things - to be aware of our social facade.

I say this after gaining the inspiration from Studio Ghibli's animation film Spirited Away. (I won't be giving any major spoilers):

The main character, Chihiro is a young girl who is first portrayed as impatient and partially annoying. Her character development through the film is quite evident. At the beginning, we find that she is unable to read social situations, such as when some of the characters who are there to support her suddenly express disinterest when near a group of unwilling spirits. However, with the support of the kinder characters and her journey, she learns to become more interpersonally intelligent - she learns to recognise how certain characters act and in what situations... and especially to control how she reacts herself when with others. This is Chihiro distinguishing between her inner and outer identities and keeping them in check.

This doesn't mean she's completely strong in the inside, though, for there are moments where she lets her tears stream out to express her feelings about her situation.

A lovely film, though. Beautiful animations, story, characters... it's totally worth watching - it's a memorable childhood film.

Look out for yourself ^^.
- teriyakkii_1203

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