"If you fall in love with me, fall in love with my complexities, too."

We're all much too complex to be simple, and that's okay - beautiful, even. We have many ins and outs, back and forths, ups and downs... and way more - we're all created with so much. By living we carry all it with us - everyone we see carries an entire life behind them, no matter how long they've lived. So love these complexities - love everything that makes up your friends, family, and everyone else.

We're all pretty full of a lot, which is why we, as well as ourselves, need to be there for each other... and ourselves. We're living through this physical appearance of a complex, maybe even a bit unknown mind that will bring us through.

So, love what we have, our complexities (and simplicities). We need to accept them to move further and beyond... I'm no master at this either but what I do know is that we have what we have, and we can either accept or reject it. Have a nice day :)
- teriyakkii_1203

P.S this post was inspired by a YouTube video called ‘if you love me, don’t’. It’s a spoken poem, read out by the channel ‘luna poems’. It’s a lovely story that depicts this topic, painting the meaning as the speaker talks. Check it out if you like ^^.

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