"How to save time by saying no."

It shall depend. I refer to a situation where you are given the decision to go somewhere fun! Let's say you have things to do, and well, there's always SOMETHING we can do. As in, to improve ourselves or benefit ourselves.

Let's say you choose 'yes' - you have fun, socialise and overall have a nice day out/just chilling. The opportunity cost (in business terms, it means the next best thing you miss out on), is doing something over the long-term. Like the hamburger and the apple decision you were probably told of when you were younger (maybe) - which would you eat? And your parent(s) or teachers would tell you that the apple is the better choice because it is healthy.

But, you know, some decisions are easier to make than others, and that's based on many things - it's not always 'yes' or 'no', but by answering something that puts you into it pretty much means yes. This is in the situation where you have a funner option over the other.

In the case where you have things to do, sometimes you gain time - save time - by saying no. This is so you can do things for you. And for most of us who put people's happiness as a purpose of priority (or something along those lines), it ultimately helps us give in the future.

Let's go say what we gotta say. It's no pressure - have fun, too. Have a nice day :)
- teriyakkii_1203

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