"How to multitask."

Multitasking sounds like a skill. Like in the kitchen: one arm mixing some batter, the other arm stirring something in a pot, one leg to manage the kitchen. Of course, one leg on the ground, unless someone's got some real good balancing skills or magic powers.

Multitasking... some people like to do otherwise (- focusing). Otherwise, multitasking could just mean doing many things over a period of time.


I'm speaking in terms of assignments for school.
1) Know what you gotta do. If it's a muddle in your head, then I recommend writing or typing it down: one list to list everything you gotta do, then another which puts them in priority order (the priority part is up to you, but I'd say use common sense)
2) Start with the highest priority, or the ones that are super quick to do (you might be best at doing *this task* at a certain time of day
NOTE: if smaller tasks come up at hand and are easy to finish, maybe do those if the deadlines if the other things aren't due too soon.

In other words! Know what you gotta do, because you gotta do what you gotta do (sometimes). Have a nice day :)
- teriyakkii_1203

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