"Electronics and screentime."

"Two hours a day," they said. "It will damage your eyes," they said. "Spend some time off the screen,"... they said.

Well here we are with an electronic-dominated world (in a lot of the world, at least). Particularly in schools. Online learning aside, everything has moved from textbooks, paper print-outs, physical notes to laptops, computers... even phones can be acceptable sometimes. And then, they stopped telling us that these screens will damage our eyes. Why? Because they don't need to acknowledge it anymore, since we're doing it now.

As people get further into schooling, the homework becomes larger and therefore longer to finish. That's why many of us are sleeping late and spending so much time working on the screen. Oh yeah - "sleep more, it's good for you," they said.

Take care of your eyes - drink water, sleep as much as possible, and blink ;) more. Have a nice day!
- teriyakkii_1203

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