“Don't envy what people have, emulate what they did to have it.” - Tim Fargo

A lesson to be learnt, especially since it is difficult not to compare yourself to others, healthy or not.

What is comparison? It's where you lay out a thing, or a set of things you have, and look at someone else's things. It's like an analysis, only that the results differ depending on which other person's things you're looking at, and what you're comparing. Looking at someone who has something less than or equal to you feels good in a way. On the contrary, when someone has more than something compared to you, you feel like you don't have enough (which may or may not motivate some people).

But! You might realise roles can be swapped. Sometimes, somebody who has less than you might have more than you in another aspects, which is why what you perceive may not be '''''true'''''. This also applies to the opposite, where someone 'higher' than you can be below you sometimes - this is what people mean by 'celebrities are also human'.

I'm still learning this, too. It's a common life experience amongst us, comparing ourselves. Therefore we must realise what its impact is on us. Goodnight!
- teriyakkii_1203

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