"Ask for help when you need it."

Help exists, and it's meant to be used, for it's another one of those ways you grow. It's very most likely why society is like this, these days.

And maybe, "I can figure it out, so I won't ask anybody yet" works - you end up finding why you were looking for ~ it makes you feel proud for the accomplishment. It's a great thing, problem solving. Sometimes the solution lies in you, and it's simply us learning about ourselves.

Even so, as social beings and people who have the ability to interact, sometimes the solution is in connecting with others in one way or another. It might be asking for an answer or a response that is faster than looking it up yourself. Yes we can figure it out, but if there's (even) a cloud of doubt in the mind, it really shouldn't hurt to ask. Pride? If you do everything yourself, you'll always be missing that other perspective, which, let's admit it, we cannot always understand by thinking to ourselves.
We can sort of picture it, but knowing is a bit different to hearing it from one who has experienced it for themselves. And I suppose I cannot mention one possibility (that being pride) without mentioning a closely-related another: if an outer source does hurt because of help, then something of that external source needs to change, especially for you.

Getting help does save time and effort, and in a way that's what they mean by 'thinking smarter'. Same outcome and no hard feelings or nothin' overly confusing or messy in between (I'm not referring to the solution, rather the process).

We could stand to help a bit, to give. Have a good day.
- teriyakkii_1203

P.S. I write this as I refer to the general situation, meaning help can be asked for anything.

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