“Transform things into the better.”

At first, it really does seem impossible this way... how can one thing change into something that will help? 

Looking at it from a wide perspective (one of the many), it’s about one’s willingness to accept that there’s a fear, disadvantage or weakness in somebody - embracing what one has. For example, knowing there’s something bothering you but ‘bottling’ it up - it usually helps to give out a rant or share the problem (in just about the majority of cases). That’s the first step.

Then, it’s taking those active thoughts about the thing(s) that can be transformed, or something along this lines. One example can be that the fear of riding a scary roller coaster, but pushing yourself to do it anyway. If you’re like me, using that fear and putting into really huge screams brings out the best joys in a roller coaster ^^.

It’s like multiple birds with one stone - you prove to yourself it was really a small concern, super little to no regrets, and you notice you’ve made so much of your time because of pushing yourself (in the good way)!

Living... goodnight !
- teriyakkii_1203

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