"There's the good, there's the bad. Then there's the right."

There's different kinds of right, and that's different for all of us - the little tweaks in our morals, here and there. It's hard to word this, how one feels a hunch, while another part of them is against it. Sometimes it simply feels easier to let instinct take over, but one thing by itself can only go so far (just like plans) - you need back-up, or even, us ourselves to actively play that role.

Right... it's best interest, and best interest is what you want to do. Whatever the reason may be, thinking harder will only allow for doubts (depending on the situation it can help). So, what you want to do. You can be selfish, you can be selfless, just do something as best you can, and even if it still doesn't turn out right, you've gotten a lesson right there..!
- teriyakkii_1203

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