“Once you focus on a particular area of your life, and stick to it, you’ll eventually get results.”

It’s amazing how at first, I underestimated the truth in these sorts of quotes and words, that’s mostly because I didn’t have such a huge interest in that sort of thing until I saw it’s importance.

This is what I mean by priorities. At first, you know which direction you want to go, but since you’re aren’t where you could be, the thing you’re looking for is partially unclear. Priorities, yes, are knowing the order of what you should do first rather than others, but it’s not something you can go ‘okay, I’m going to be a very good prioritiser today’. Yes, it’s pretty good when you start by listing out the priorities, and the point is, as you do that more and more, the decisions you make day-by-day become clearer... and feel like it’s coming from you...!

Stick to something, and the results will be beautiful. Keep things together ^^ goodnight !
- teriyakkii_1203

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