"Just face it and move through. It's gonna be harder to go against the flow."

And not going against a flow does not make you lazy. BUT in this case I'm not referring to 'majority rules' and all that, nope. Follow the line all that... nope nope nope. I'm talking about the flow of life, the series of events, the stuff that is thrown at you.

Fighting against what life has given you is like getting taught a lesson but not taking it as one! Sure, life isn't directly teaching you lessons, but taking things as lessons lets stuff flow... better than attempting to restrain oneself to see what one wants to see.

This current... is one that is likely to feel nice following. However when it comes to external things, that's different, and if you want to see a blogpost on that, there'll definitely be one in the perspective label, just if you're at the top and click 'Quotes' where you can access the quote categories I've put them into! 'Course you can click the three lines at the top too... but they don't come with descriptions like the tab.

Anyway, goodnighty~!
- teriyakkii_1203

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