"How to get healthier..."

There's always a first step, if not, it's only a dream:

1a) Take responsibility for the fact one is in the position where they wish they are better, for whatever reason that may be.
1b - just for you) To move on with a lighter, less heavy mindset - notice that you've realised your problems, and that in itself has moved you through the first step.
2) Drink water - our body is composed of over 60% water, better keep that up to keep things rushing smoothly.
3) Eat healthy - (no, not diet, that's because it's seem to have gotten such a dark connotation. Even if it wasn't the intention, a diet is meant to make a progress (supposedly for the better), but it seems to have gotten a restrictive meaning around it, which creates a negative mindset... and as maybe some people have heard, leads to not eating, leading to eating a lot because your body really needs the calories for energy, then, you gain. Then it'll be back to step one.) It's simply eating stuff that makes you feel better - in the long term, a lot of that is the unprocessed foods (according to some of us as kids, are the foods make us want to 'vomit' - the short term 'yucky' - but in reality, the feeling it makes when you've got the clean foods in your stomach is really nice - your mind is clear, etc.)
4) Sleep - to do anything during the day time in the first place... you're mind and body need to be ready, my friend.
5) Learn from others - anyone who provides helpful information, and makes you feel good listening and learning from them.

I'm no expert, and I understand it's more reliable to hear this sort of stuff from a doctor, but I've done my research ^^ here's what I gathered... Have a good day !
- teriyakkii_1203

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