"Everyone's fighting with everything they've got. To win and get closer to their dream. To become number one. You want to win with just half of your strength?! You haven't put a single scratch on me yet, you know! Come at me with everything you've got!" - Midoriya Izuku, My Big Hero Acaemia/Boku no Hero Academia

If you've seen this anime (that seems to be increasingly popular, especially as a 'starter anime' (yes that exists), your interpretation will be different to people who haven't seen this. Here's the brief: there's a character that his left side is able to use fire, and his right ice. However he only wants to use his ice side because he doesn't like his father (I won't explain why because that's in the anime), but that only brings him so far - Todoroki Shouto. As he fights in a tournament, the inspiring words from a protagonist comes in - and he becomes super amazing...!

There's no point doing something when you're not welcome to put some effort into it. If you're serious about making an impact, push that bar up, I shall work off words like this (I read quotes relating to a lot of things daily).
- teriyakkii_1203

P.S. have a good night^^

P.S.S This marks the 365th post! I've been doing this daily for a year, yay! Of course, sometimes I miss a day for some reason, but I make up for it..!

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