"My mama told me there'll be days like this." - Van Morrison, My momma told me there'll be days like this!

There'll be days like this! I said it out loud too - I felt a little down because of my face... it looked more inflamed than usual. Furthermore, it has been something I've been concerned, whether I like it or not, for more than a week. I've changed and been keeping an eye on my eating habits - and so following through will be crucial. Super limited sugar, dairy and fried foods seem the top thing to cross off the list. Along with that, drinking a lot (a lot) of water.

My motive was to help out my skin, but this is also for the food habit for long-term. We weren't meant to eat super-processed foods. If 'fate' or 'destiny' wanted us to, we wouldn't be having our bodies react in the way we can see and feel.

Overall, we let's work toward healthier lives, and it's two birds with one stone - it also helps in our commitments - getting them done.
- teriyakkii_1203

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