"You are what you eat."

Hm... that means if you eat something unhealthy, you'd be unhealthy. It does seem true that it doesn't make you any healthier, so it's the accumulation of unhealthy things that make things so bad.

That goes the same with anything else ^^ good or bad things (alike), when it builds, it will get you somewhere. That's what seems to be one of the top things that many influential people (who've been through it themselves) suggest.

That reminds me of a side-thought today...! One of my hobbies is drawing, which I had started in year 1 ^^ it's been quite long~ here's a drawing I drew earlier in 2019:

(Hopefully that isn't too blurry ^^;;.) It's an angel~!

Anyway, be careful of what you eat, and take care of yourselves ^^ goodnight!
- teriyakkii_1203

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