"Something's better than nothing."

Ahh I dunno about you but I needed a quote like this... one I haven't heard in ages, or, one that was one of the first 'quotes' I've ever heard. You know, looking back down the tree you've climbed, at the roots where it had been building upon.

I think a good foundation is needed for so so many things. Of course, if a tree is what we're talking about in terms of progress, then the tree's roots and trunk can always be strengthened from the top ^^ there's always something... something to be proud of, something to be sad about, something to overthink, something to compare to... I suppose I typed up that quote above with comparison in mind, like one of the blogposts I put up recently... about how comparison can make what you were content about, seem so terrible because somebody has something better. Now, if that 'better' thing were never to exist, that contentness would not have gone away. Thing is, stuff like that is unavoidable, but keeping it in mind will prevent any 'overreactions'. :)

Something's better than nothing... be afraid of standing still. Goodnighty :)
- teriyakkii_1203

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