“Nothing is as good as it seems and nothing is bad, but somewhere between reality falls.” - Lou Holtz

The way we see something... a lot of that relies on our mood and mindset. You can see something for what it is, what it could be, or even what it could do to you...! Let’s not forget we’re all different, that’s what makes this interesting. When it comes to mood, you’re more likely to agree to others when happy, whereas otherwise we’d be a bit more stubborn.

Well, is that necessarily good, or bad ? Well being more agreeing can result in saying yes to something which you’d usually avoid to prevent anything potentially dangerous. On the other hand,
being can be helpful when it comes to self discipline. Looking at ‘being happy and therefore a little bit more agreeing’, it does seem like I’m trying to be pessimistic, but pointing out the negatives can protect you in some way. Therefore, can good be considered ‘good’, and bad be considered ‘bad’? Well, there’s a good and bad to everything bad and good...

In between is when there’s no opinion of good and bad, since it’s neither! It would be simply noting What’s There. Just noting...! Good and bad... the way to understand a specific topic would be to experience it (like, ‘learning the hard way’ like we’ve done so many times), and make an assumption for yourself.

There’s things I cannot do, but even so I will do the things I can (as they grow too). I hope we all do what we want to do :).
- teriyakkii_1203

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