"It's how you play the game." - Unknown

Playing Monopoly~

We want to play fair games, at least when it comes to board games :) However "Everyone keeps landing on my property, and I keep getting so much moneeeeeey" - my cousin. Games such as these require cooperation no matter whose team you're on or going up against (^o^), otherwise it ruins the atmosphere, you know.

Cooperation can be such a pleasing thing, and then it can be broken sometimes. For example *flashback time* in school, being put in a group with people who don't work. Nonetheless, because it's an external thing, the things that we can do for ourselves in our best interest (something I must continue learning) is to react to it just fine. That reaction can involve making sure the teacher is aware, or maybe taking risks along with it... like intentionally trusting the others to do what is best for the group in terms of heart.

Coorperation makes the world move a littler smoother... but seeing as the world is literally anything but that, shows the 'imperfection' that has allowed us to see the good things... ^^ that's confusing hehe but have a good day anyway!
- teriyakkii_1203

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