"Imagine having 90 days in a month" - Ed Mylett

It's somewhat surprising about how much we learn a day, even when we don't intend to. Similar to how we make so many decisions a day without consciously thinking about it, we intake information in order to help the present (and therefore the future).

When it comes to seeing others doing more or less than us, (thus bringing comparison which may or may affect our performance, which it preferably shouldn't,) it's apparent that what sets apart the people going further into the future than others, is their desperateness to move ahead.

As Ed Mylett so powerfully explained in one of his podcasts - "THE ED MYLETT SHOW" episode: "The Secret to How I get 21 Days a Week!", he talked about how the perception of how close you were really to the goal affects the pace people go towards it. I completely recommend it:

"The people that win in life don't necessarily have more vision than you, see, it's not a lack of vision that always means you're going to lose, it's a lack of a type of vision, which is depth perception."

Completely recommend it, it's the thing I needed to wake myself up. It's definitely helpful to surround yourself with things that'll help you..!
- teriyakkii_1203

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