"You is all you can ever be."

The way this comes to you depends on how you've been, and I am aware of that. My approach to this as I type this is straightforward - you is you, don't think too hard, there's little time when I put deep meaning into my words, especially in this circumstance - through screen-to-screen.

We hear about people trying to be like others, or always trying to please others (like in those TV shows and whatnot). What happens a lot of the time is that the friends, or special people of that person tell them that 'this is not you!' and all that, and that they should change. Please don't get me wrong, but if somebody is somebody who wants to be anything but who they are (ie getting out of their way to avoid themselves) will at some point become that sort of a person - somebody who wants to be somebody else.

If you are that sort of a person like that and is content and satisfied with the way they're going, then I'll say now that I don't expect people to change because of my words, I hardly do ! I'm talking to the people who feel they need a clearer path - the way TV portrays being like somebody else... it's like it should be fully avoided (the reason being peer pressure or not), but it really depends on your approach. A taoist master once said that we should incorporate aspects of others we admire within ourselves, and reflect on ourselves when there's someone we do not like. It's your approach too, that makes something right or wrong, of course that concerns morals too, overall don't overthink everything.

We cannot avoid the environment that we live in, so being influenced is unavoidable. Same how running away from your emotions don't exactly work so smoothly sometimes. Things are How They Are, so let's have fun !

Where did this come from you may ask ? I was at a friend's house today, stayed quite late watching Netflix :DD I got tired which reminded me of a school trip ~ where we were with each other for almost a week, which brought out things of your closest friends you couldn't see before. It's really nice, seeing us grow closer - whether it's seeing a surprising or an exaggerated side of your friends (tired or not - I think it was the fact that it was 24 hours - one after another, where hidden parts of ourselves just had to come out!). It was fun ^^.

Hmm... I wanted this to be short but nevermind~ it's late... Happy Christmas Eve!
- teriyakkii_1203

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