"What is to give light must endure the burning." - Eleanor Roosevelt

We're here today ~ together ~ we're working on our own lives... thing is we're doing it all at the same time, so in doing so we'll affect other lives, but that's okay, because it's something we cannot really avoid ^^ something like that we wouldn't want to change, because you can learn much from others, as well as the fact that we can teach them. It goes round.

There are bad times, but it seems to depend on the person and how they react to it. For example, you can be a calm person who faces the exact same situation as a reckless person - same circumstances, different reactions. Of course, we're looking at the foremost time, the present, it's true that I didn't take into account of their pasts, but there's no simpler meaning than that - it's not circumstance but the estimate.

I will improve, too. You will move forward too, we both should! :D Have a good day (night, it's fairly late for me - I like sleeping around 9 to 9:30... but I've been sleeping at 10pm T_T) Well.
- teriyakkii_1203

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