"Notice the problem before it gets out of hand."

I was watching a video that my dad had sent me on YouTube - 'How to not embarrass yourself in an argument', it completely makes sense! So I'm glad I could get a bit more awareness. By 'not embarrassing yourself' they meant to listen to the argument and react rationally (something that just doesn't seem to happen enough - ie: 'I like cats' 'Oh so you don't like dogs'?) while the other is twisting your words out of shape. This also sheds more awareness on not 'jumping to conclusions' or simply not making assumptions. The videos also talks about how to come to common ground in order to slowly quiet the argument. Words are words, and what they say is what they mean - and only that (unless there's something else that you know they actually meant, something along those lines).

It's the day after Christmas and we've got quite a bit of food at home from other's gifts and good contributions ~ yummy. Still sleepy (slept past 11 because the party went on for over 10 hours) TwT goodnight!
- teriyakkii_1203

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