"Nothing remains constant except change itself." - Unknown

Quotes like these are so captivating, honestly :) The use of contrast in the words are what make this something you want to consider. This quote is talking about one of the things we must live by - no - live beside. Like a Taoist quote that points towards a similar idea, we cling onto what we don't want to change, yet that thing ends up changing anyway. There's no guarantee you'll come by it again, so, depending on what it is, cherish it when you have it, or let the very existence of life flow through you. It's like a steady flow of water in a stream.

Of course, there are hard times too. However, many people who have that mindset which has a habit of having the open-minded outlook on their surroundings, they know that everything will be fine - of course this depends on the situation, and therefore they are aware and know they need to control something. This can include taking control of something to change it for the better - like taking control of one's emotions.

Be aware of what's around you, then you can react properly to it... I noticed that once more today...
- teriyakkii_1203

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