“May we all be spoiled, but keep ahold of our values”

That’s what my dad told me :) and I truly did feel quite spoiled today, and I could feel it ! I’ll tell you - this year was different in terms of gifts. Unlike last year where each family bought gifts for each individual, we did Secret Santa - one personalised gift each. It feels much more meaningful than 5+ gifts, I wish to do it again. This as well as the love I receive (not just today - like how Mother’s Day isn’t the day to be nice to your mother - it’s everyday) makes me feel content inside ~ warm.

But of course a balance of good and bad helps you... well, stay in balance ! That’s what gives you the full course meal - there’s courses that you’d look forward to more, but you need all of them to feel everything you do (feel) :)

Merry Christmas!
- teriyakkii_1203

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