"Challenges are what make life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful." - Joshua J. Marine

Very true with the right sort of approach, depending on the timing I suppose, too. But let's be real, being within that challenging moment, similar to the state being asleep - in the dream~ - it's frustrating. It's frustrating not getting what you want (for me - it's peace when it's probably best), no matter how much (maybe sometimes how little) you worked on it, and that result just didn't come. It might also be something you don't understand, yet you're venturing into that unknown territory - not knowing something in itself can be quite frustrating.

Then the time comes when you've solved the problem, whether it's making amends with others or having that much-needed talk to yourself. When you're in a mind that you're satisfied with, looking back on past problems (that brought you to where you are, happy or not, really) doesn't have that negative/disturbing feel to it anymore - you look back and see it in a different light, it's different!

From that, we can say challenges are interesting. Thinking that in the frustrating moment in the light like I just described, it's hard! That's a challenge in itself, and therefore embrace the challenge, I will too.
- teriyakkii_1203

P.S. I've decided to stay on Blogger instead of changing to WordPress. Blogging's nice, and if it ever becomes more serious... or I build enough of everything else, I'll consider building. For now, this is where I'll stay, Blogger isn't too bad ^^

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