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I used to go by 'ifs' and what-not to judge situations, more than now. I think I went about that sort of thing the wrong way, and started to look at situations with too much of a 2D approach - like they were almost the same. Maybe it was an error, but thanks to the error and the judgement and words from others, I realise seeing the situation for what it is - What's There - will be able to have you get more out of it, and apply a much more flexible Way of Life. I suppose I wanted the Easy Way, but there's none of that (and probably never will really, completely be so).

Today I didn't attend school. Seems wrong at first, but all we're really doing is watching movies - all the stuff you can do anytime, or all the time that could be spent on things a little bit more life changing. That's what I decided to do... I've mentioned this once or twice but I found out I had used bad judgement to help a situation - the situation wasn't big, but I just (just then) felt like I took a lot from it. So, I spent today working on moving this blog over... and practicing clarinet... some other stuff too.

Only the things that will need to be specifically changed by you - the lessons - will come to you as the Hard Way. You know, 'learning the hard way', I knew as a child it was unfavourable and that I would try to avoid it. Now, it's one of the best ways of learning, and the fact that there's so many lessons and mistakes to learn/make in the world, the ones you really need are the ones that present itself upfront to you. It may seem like a dream at first - how we don't realise something is happening until after, but we'll realise that that dream happened because you needed it. As for all those other problems in the world, learn from others and life will continue to move, we as individuals need to learn more for ourselves.

- teriyakkii_1203

P.S. I am unsure about you, whether or not this post seems long-winded, but please try to understand the meaning rather than the words ! Thank you for your time reading this, it means a lot :)

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