"A person who cannot give up anything, can change nothing." - Armin Arlet, Attack on Titan

A really interesting anime !! It's gotten quite deep and into its own plot, it's pretty good! Armin here was simply saying no loss, no gain - you must give up something for another thing. This can include something as easy to give away, such as time, or a materialistic item? Or any action, pretty much anything along these lines.

It's like those games, my younger brother's gotten into them - you start off with a small company or something and you grow it, and you buy more assets and what-not to make the growth much faster. It's so easy, and that's why we don't see, or hear much about this large growth in nowaday-life. It's because it's hard. Just maybe it is. It depends on your mental resilience, and physical too, in some ways.

- teriyakkii_1203

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