"A bird sitting on a tree is never afraid of the branch breaking because its trust is not on the branch but on its own wings." - Unknown "You don't realise the dream until you wake up... so when you experience the great awakening, you'll realise this is the great dream." - Taoist quote (From memory, with quite a bit of alteration)

I've decided to put these two quotes together. Also, here's a note too: one of the best ways to learn anything that relates to wellbeing, is to learn the hard way. There's also another way that I've found that is suggested: learn from other's mistakes... you can look at other people and point out their weaknesses, but it's better to realise your weaknesses instead of staying unaware, because time will only tell until you get too reckless and need to realise that pointing out your flaws to be fixed too. Please try to understand the meaning of that, like what one of my most recent posts talked about - listen to words for the meaning, not for the words themselves.

Anyway, yes, you don't completely realise something was a dream until you've woken up... same goes for some lessons in life. From something that happened last week, it wasn't something that engulfed me... but I'd be lying to say I wasn't bothered. This isn't because of the situation itself, but the fact that what got me into it was that I had gotten too reckless and forgot something that I had learnt from others, to the point I did it myself. Well, I didn't like that. So, I had a mental thinking-out with my mind for about a day... then some revision on the day after to clear it up. So, now I can forget ('course I can't forget, but leave behind) the situation but remember the lesson... so, I'm going to be more aware for the time being.

To relate to the top-most quote, after I worded with myself, I remembered things I had another mental chat with. This was about when it came to climbing up the tree (referring to the Nagisa Shiota quote), or 'a bird sitting on a tree', where I trust my resiliency and dedication to deal with problems as they are and head-on. This is to make sure I don't run away from anything that will follow.

Overall, believe in yourself ^^!
- teriyakkii_1203

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