"If that treetop is school, and the ground is this place here... we all found our strength down on the ground. While looking up... and getting looked down on... we learned plenty about how scary heights were before we started climbing. That's why we can go our own way now. Still... Somewhere along the way we forgot our fear of heights, so we do still fall to the ground every now and then. So learn here. You can go on to school once you have a game plan. That's my secret lesson, from me to you." - Nagisa Shiota, Assassination Classroom

Had to think of this quote once more today. After taking note that I should be careful of something... I became reckless and the situation affected too many people, that's not what I had intended... but it happened and I said I would learn from it. I'm going to be more self-reflective beforehand in a way, to make sure the decision is of my best interest and to not negatively affect too many people in the process.

We're living here, of course we have to affect somebody, but in my best interest I don't want to spread bad effects to anyone - this is entirely impossible because we're us, but I mean minimising unintentional effects. I suppose when it gets to another problem where your priorities have clashed, you have to face it head on, and decide based on that situation only.

That relates to quotes itself - many quotes derived from a very certain situation. For instance "Do your best" (I've used this instance before in one of my earlier posts), where you'd do your best in something you can benefit from the result. However, you wouldn't do your best in something that does otherwise, or something along those lines.

I forgot about my fear of heights (referring to the amazing quote up there)... firstly it proves how facing your fears makes you gradually forget about them. But then, you notice that the fear only was you being overly-careful, which isn't entirely a bad thing, it's just that it had surrounded your thoughts too much for concentration elsewhere. 

For now, I'll be sleeping for tomorrow and me now. Goodnight!
- teriyakkii_1203

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