"Whether a fish lives in a clear stream or a water ditch, so long as it keeps swimming forward, it will grow up beautifully." - Koro Sensei, Assassination Classroom

Not the situation, but you and how we deal with it. Today I think I dealt with a situation not as smoothly as I could've, I don't even know where the struggle came from... but I don't intend on blaming anyone, that won't get anywhere. Like many other quotes like this, it's about what you do. More specifically, if you use what you've gotten out of the situation to help yourself - well - even better!

I'm not going to give any details, but I can say I spent (too much) time thinking over it. When it comes to this stuff it usually is most effective with some time. My lesson today - keep moving forward, don't linger. Time to sleep :)
- teriyakkii_1203

P.S. (written after publishing and my diary): It wasn't a horrible situation, it made me pop awake for a bit... how I felt like the week before was too smooth. Anyway, even because of the problem there were still people who made me forget about it and live well in the moment ^^ Sometimes it makes it seem like problems don't need to be discussed, as the good people around you remind you how lucky you are, so you come to a decision that the thing isn't worth thinking about :) I'm forever grateful, my loved ones, and thank you for reading up to down here, I'm grateful :))

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