"You give yourself relief, if you do every act of your life as if it were the last." - Marcus Aurelius

Beautiful :) It makes me feel like the feeling of content was just washed over myself. Of course, living as if something were your last doesn't mean it must be happy, although it makes sense that a lot of time it does - living and moving makes you more productive (no, not busy) and that's what brings content along. Embracing any feeling that comes makes it all the worth while, of course, maybe not during the moment for some feelings, but what it made you become. I've gotten something like that before, I have, but I'll be aware that more can come. There doesn't seem to be a point running away from emotions, is there? It's in your mind, it's in you... so isn't it going to catch-up unless we admit our emotions (as I type this I think of my moments of feeling like running away, like a few times)? It helps you learn, anyway.

When it comes to learning that bit more, things that impact you harder seem to help you more in the long-term. That makes some sense. However, if the person is aware of that and aware that that is relevant to their situation, what more is there to learn? Wouldn't they be wasting their time? <- That sounded a bit confusing as I typed... basically you can really only learn one thing once, and then improve that skill in many ways - add more branches to the tree! Similar to that quote about teaching something is learning it twice, it's expanding your field of view :o

I want to keep moving, too.
- teriyakkii_1203

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