"When you are flying the kite, it feels very far away, but there will always be the string connected to it, so you do not feel bad about it." - Dong Shancai, Meteor Garden

Such a nice way to describe connections and relationships to others. As long as you care about something, there will be an existing 'something' in between you and that thing/one. Sometimes, you don't even need to looks into something, while you're simply happy it's there, whatever it is or may be. It's while something is in your concern, that there's that 'something'... so when you think of something, it's hard to avoid, whatever happens next is up to you!

Meteor Garden is quite a long drama... but I've watched quite a bit. I'd like to continue, but my consciousness is urging me to do what I know needs a little bit more attention than Netflix. I suppose it's right, I'll get to it right away... sometimes I think I need to pretend there's a guardian that's me watching over me, to push me to 'go, go, go!!'. It's only when you act when something can happen at all, so we cannot be scared to do those things.

Go, go, go!
- teriyakkii_1203

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